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Why Social Media is Crucial for Business Success

How many times have you heard the comment “social media is such a powerful tool”? Too many times, right?

Then how many times have you heard the comment “social media is such a powerful tool” and thought to yourself “yeah, whatever, I’ve heard that before” and disregarded it? Also too many times.

The truth is, what you’ve been hearing is completely right. Social media really IS one of the best and most crucial tools out there, if you are craving that business success.

However, my blog won’t be covering every single reason why social media is so powerful (I would be here for days!); it will tell you about why YOU need to implement social media into YOUR business marketing strategy ASAP.

So, assuming you’re a start up company and you have spent masses amount of time and effort into perfecting your logo, website and everything else brand-wise. How do you go about showing off this great new brand? You could send leaflets out or put a poster up on your town’s notice board. Or better, you could use social media.

As you know (unless you’ve been living under a rock!), Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are absolutely huge social media platforms, full of billions of people from all over the world. There is no doubt whatsoever that there are people who are using these platforms, that are looking for something exactly like what your business offers. How are they supposed to find you if you haven’t created any sort of visibility for your brand?

Being a startup, as I’m sure many readers of this will be, it can be difficult to start building trust for your brand, and therefore ensuring that potential customers believe in and trust your business. However, if you have a social media platform for your potential customers to refer to, let’s use Facebook for example, then people will be able to see your online engagements with the community. Based on this, potential customers will make a quick and automatic judgement about your business and will immediately decide whether they trust you and want to have what your business offers, whether it’s products or services. They will look at your likes, your interaction with people online and also what you post. All of these elements are a very important part of building that trust.

So, why do you NEED to have social media alongside your business?

  • It will boost your website’s SEO.
    • More traffic to your website = more potential customers = more sales.
  • You will form business relationships and create a community, which will increase trust/loyalty for your business.
    • People will not use brands that they don’t trust.
  • Your brand will be much more visible to all types of people around the world.
    • You obviously want your name out there, as much as possible!
  • You will be easily reachable for your potential customers.
    • Your customers can find out more about your business and contact you easily.

This website shows some great and useful statistics about how social media has helped businesses enormously.

So, all positives right?…

The only downside to having social media for your business is that it does take time. It takes a while to build those Likes, Followers, Retweets and Comments. This doesn’t mean that you should constantly persuade people to follow and llike your pages; let it come naturally by regularly posting a variety of content, which you know your target audience will love. The results of this process are so worth it, once you finally have that trusted following.

Remember: building an online presence and trust for your business = more customers and more sales!

Of course, there are probably understandable reasons as to why you have neglected using social media as part of your business. My guess is that you don’t have enough time to dedicate towards your social media platforms, which is completely understandable for a business owner.

If you have the time to manage your social media, then brilliant! However, it may be a struggle for you to stay on top of it, as well as everything else you’re trying to do with building your brand. Well, myself and the Oleso team definitely understand and we would love to help you ease that extra pressure, because let’s face it, you already have a lot of pressure as a business owner as it is!

We provide social media services for any kind of business. So of course, if you think that yours could do with a social media wizard, then please don’t hesitate to check out our social media packages. We’d love to help you make your business a success using the power of social media!

If you don’t want this service and would prefer to do it yourself, then of course GO FOR IT and I wish you the very best of luck! I hope that this article has helped you realise how important social media is, in order for your business to grow and succeed.

Thanks so much for reading, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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