Outreach: Reaching out to others

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What is it?

In short: Building relationships with those who are not yet associated with your accounts, to reach more people and bring them to your accounts.

Outreach involves your social media manager interacting with relevant people, with the aim of encouraging them to come to your accounts. It includes following people, posting/commenting on posts, participating in Twitter chats, talking to people using a specific hashtag, DMing people etc.

Why it’s effective

It is so beneficial for growing your account by welcoming people who sit directly in your target audience. More people talked to = more people know about your brand.

Why it will make a difference having it on your plan

Your social media manager talking to people for a duration of 100 minutes per week will increase trust and exposure for your brand, as a way to get your brand known by the optimum amount of people.! All of that without having to do a thing.

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