Organic Social Media Management

Your social accounts are guaranteed to be buzzing through organic social posts and community engagement, all with an extra human touch!

Organic Social Media
Organic Social Media

Organic Social Media Management

Your social accounts are guaranteed to be buzzing through great posts and engagement, all with an extra human touch!

Why organic social media management?

Having one of our social media managers means you can sit back and relax whilst they implement a spot-on strategy determining what will make your social skyrocket above the rest.

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, build trust for your brand, or save time, social media management will 100% help you to achieve your goals.

How our organic social service works


Work together

You can easily communicate with your friendly manager at any time to discuss content together, devise plans and talk generally about progress.


Thinking hat on

Based on what you’ve talked about, your manager will devise a brilliant strategy on how to grow your accounts through posts, engagement and more.


Happy you

Sit back and watch the posts publish. See your social media stats increase and, overtime, you’ll reach those goals you’ve always wanted to reach.

Dedicated Manager

Your friendly manager will work alongside you to discuss everything, such as what can be posted on your social media and discussing new strategies. Communication between you both is key and is the deciding factor to achieve the best results.


Each platform is used for a different purpose. Choose wisely or ask your social media manager which platforms they advise as the best to achieve your objectives!

Posts Per Week

These are scheduled posts and doesn’t include replies to others. This is the total number of posts across all platforms for the week. The number of posts per day/platform may vary, depending on what your manager thinks is best.

Visual Designs

These are compelling designs made specifically to be attached to your social media posts to accurately target your audience, which increases the likelihood of people engaging with your content and your posts receiving more attention.

Strategy and Content Plan

Every plan comes with a strategy and content plan. Your strategy is devised based on your goals and how those goals will be achieved by your social media manager. Your content plan is created by your social media manager for you to send specific content for them to use in posts.

Community Interaction

Building relationships both with those already within and outside of your existing community. For example, replying to comments from your followers, engaging on their posts, finding relevant people who don’t know about your brand yet and focusing on bringing new people to your pages.

This leads to increased brand awareness and  access to more potential customers by gaining trust and credibility from new customers to increase their loyalty and lifetime value.

Monthly Analysis

At the end of every month, your social media manager will update your monthly analysis document, so that you can both keep track of growth and make necessary improvements to your socials overtime.

Pick your organic social plan

Picking a plan for organic social media management can be tricky. If you are not sure, or have specific needs get in touch or even create your own plan! Want someone to create designs for your social instead? Head here.


All prices are
exclusive of UK VAT


£149 / month


£299 / month


£359 / month


£499 / month

Personal manager

Posts per week





Community Interaction

Strategy & content plan

Monthly analysis

Designed content per month







Of course! They are your accounts after all – we don’t ever want you to feel like someone else is taking over, as that’s not the case at all. The only thing we say about this is for you to let your social media manager know when you will be posting, or come to an agreement about what times of the day you will post, so that you both don’t post at the same time. If that happens, the posts won’t perform as well as they could and you would be bombarding your followers with 2 posts at once!

Use your tracking sheets to see how your social media manager is interacting on your platforms. This is always shared with you for you to access whenever you like. We also provide you with positives and improvements regularly, so you can see what’s working well and what we’ll be working on. Our monthly analysis will give you an overview of progress across your accounts, and your Team Leader oversees progress weekly and discusses this with your social media manager internally. We also ask that you provide us with feedback as frequently as possible, with feedback forms for you to fill out too. Monthly goals are set too and we make sure we achieve them!

We always say that the first 4-6 weeks are an experimentation period, where your social media manager practices and tests different methods – wording of posts, post timings, hashtags etc. Of course though, this definitely doesn’t mean results can’t occur before this – and so far, every one of our clients has seen positive results during this period. In general, you would expect to see growth in your reach and interaction statistics before followers – followers are something that is built up over time, particularly for very new accounts.

Only your social media manager will have access to your accounts. We will need you to provide us with passwords where relevant, otherwise admin access works fine. Your Team Leader will know your passwords but they won’t need to login to your accounts. Here’s our policy on passwords.

Absolutely! Any type of business can work on social media, even if you don’t think so. Just ask us, we’ll tell you how it can definitely work.

Most of our communication is via Trello, which both us and our clients absolutely love – it’s a great visual display and communication tool. Don’t worry, we have an explainer video to show you exactly how we use it! Of course though, if you’d prefer to communicate via another means, such as email or Skype, that is more than ok!

We do ask that you send us as much content as possible. Our social media managers find and use their creative brains to post appropriate content, but we appreciate it if you provide us with relevant content where possible. If you find a great statistic supporting what your brand does, send it over! Likewise, if you’ve been to an event, take pictures and send to us to share. Your social media manager will ask you to send specific pieces of content per week, which we do ask that you stick by as much as you can, as your valuable content is going to help us grow your accounts most effectively.

This is something you can decide – some of our clients do, some don’t, some start with approving posts and then stop after a few weeks. Totally up to you, although we would recommend that you do approve posts to start with to make sure that you’re happy that your social media manager has a full understanding.

Yes, for sure, no set-up fees. We might need your help with sending over brand assets and helping us fill out appropriate boxes but we’re more than happy to do this for you.

Very regularly, this totally depends on you. Some of our clients prefer their social media manager to “get on with it” without too much communication, whereas others like daily communication. Whatever you’d prefer, we’ll do! Generally, your social media manager will be around every weekday, sometimes at weekends, but they will always reply to you as soon as possible. We do ask that you check your messages/notifications regularly, in case something is urgent.

Straight away! As soon as you choose a plan, your Team Leader will set up an introduction meeting between you both and your social media manager.
Depending on your availability and how fast your strategy is completed, you can get started on the next week.

We ask that you make your first payment before we start posting on your social media channels, then it is monthly from there onwards. This is all done through Zoho Subscriptions – a software that allows you to make Direct Debit payments via GoCardless. All you have to do is input your card details upon setting up – your Team Leader will handle this.

Of course you can customise, go for it! You can use our standard plans as a guide.

That’s absolutely fine! We can cater for all of your needs and make tweaks where necessary. Just let us know!

We have a 30 day rolling contract. You can cancel anytime (sad face) but you must cancel at least 10 days before your billing date, otherwise your social media manager will continue until the next billing date. Please do give us a chance to prove to you that we will be able to achieve your social media goals, with our experimentation period in mind! Our longer term clients have had the most success from our service.

We can always give you goals, advice and put ideas on the table throughout our time working with you. However, obviously, there is a limit on how much advice we can give you, as to not go beyond the scope of work of our social media managers. If you’d prefer advice to management, maybe you should check out our consultancy service!

All of our social media managers work remotely and are freelance. Most of them work with us alongside a full-time job or having children, which is absolutely amazing and doesn’t compromise the quality of their work whatsoever. We are so happy that we can help our lovely team pursue their social media careers and show off their expertise whilst continuing with their lifestyle.

This is definitely something we can do for you. The beauty of having a freelance team means that, although we may not match the perfect social media manager for you straight away, we have a variety of fantastic social media managers that we can get to handle your social media. This changeover can be something that happens as quickly as within a day. We want to make the process as easy and perfect for you as possible and if that means changing your social media manager, no problem at all!

Need Help?

Not sure what you are looking for? Not sure what everything means? Do you fully understand what organic social media management is? Use our super-duper 2-minute plan builder to get an idea (or ask us on Twitter).


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