Become an Oleso Social Media Manager

Work the hours you want and get on-going reliable work that fits around your lifestyle

Who benefits from joining Oleso? Those who have…

1-2 years experience

We love the attitude and passion for development of those just breaking into the social media world.

Other commitments

Do you have a full-time job, children, all-round busy life, but want an extra income? Oleso could slot very well into your lifestyle.

A passion to impress

The Oleso team thrives when social media managers put their heart and souls into their social media for clients.

How it works

We find the clients and assign them to social media managers in the team. Your Team Leader and Oleso will help you throughout your work, including on-boarding clients, dealing with payment, providing resources and documentation. We have processes in place too. 

Your main job is undertaking the social media work with your efforts going above and beyond, ensuring client communication is top notch and generally making sure your clients are happy.

Personal Team Leader Support

Throughout your time working with Oleso, your Team Leader will be your sidekick, to support you with your clients, deal with Oleso-related processes and implement policies. They can also offer you suggestions and give you that sometimes much-needed inspiration for improving your social media efforts for specific clients.

This means that you can just focus on your social media efforts and client communication, without worrying about setting up, payment or policies. You can focus on what you love most!

Flexible hours, solid payment.

1 hrs
Per week, per client

On average, our social media managers works 3 hours per week for each of their clients, depending on what the client is looking for. You can have as many clients as you can handle maintaining the highest quality.

£15- 1
Per hour, per client

Although this is lower than average industry rates, Oleso provides you with a supportive Team Leader, documentation and processes, and you don’t have to deal with payment. You just do the social media!

Pro points

Team Leader to support you and your clients, dealing with payment, setting them up correctly and more
Opportunity to meet like-minded people in the same industry and increase your connections
Paid on a month-to-month basis from home
We are super flexible, we try to co-operate hours to your needs, as best as we can
We provide you with the clients, so no need to spend time searching for new clients, which means spending more time on what you love to do!
Free social events to meet other fellow team members, as well as opportunity to take part in podcast/courses. (pizza events!)

We also have a reward scheme platform where we choose a social media team member of the month and hand out gifts to those who deserve it for their hard work and achievements! To track how you’re doing, we have a leaderboard and scoring system.


Be fluent in English (essential) and from UK, US or Canada (preferably).
Have at least 1-2 years experience
A solid understanding of how to use design software and scheduling software
Knowing successful techniques and implement them into platforms
Have reputable case studies
Fantastic organisation skills and initiative, with the capacity to prioritise and work across multiple projects
Creative skills for contributing new and innovative ideas
Excellent customer service skills

What our managers say…

Some of the businesses that trust our managers

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Oleso is a sub-brand of MLC and is focused on delivering amazing results through the power of social media.