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Trading since January 2018, we have seen amazing financial and potential growth with both Oleso. We have a team of over 10 loyal members who share Oleso’s values striving to taking social media management to a new level.

Social media management is split into two main sectors. Social media tools, which cost anywhere between nothing and £200 a month. These are bots/AI that post for you. They are unpersonalised, don’t produce community engagements and fail to do too much other than SEO and raising some brand awareness.

On the other hand, agencies are expensive (anywhere between £600 p/m to £20K p/m) and usually are used by SME’s and large enterprises. Small businesses/self employed are not being catered for by either of these options.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best social media services in the industry at the lowest prices. We know the world of small business hasn’t fully adopted social media, and they are missing out! We are making the transition to getting your business on social media that little bit easier. Keeping it a “no-fuss” solution that truly works and doesn’t demand all your hard earned cash just to get started!

What we do differently:

  • Abolish lengthy contracts that lock you in.
  • Keep it simple and focus on what you really need.
  • Provide a rich variety of cultruly similar managers.
  • We believe in customer first, cash comes second.


Oleso is a sub-brand of MLC and is focused on delivering amazing results through the power of social media.