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How to Use Social Media for SEO points

Search engine optimization (SEO) is customizing your website in such a manner that it appears early in search results for specific keywords. So that if you are a fitness company, you would want your website to come up every time someone looked up “gyms near me” or “fitness workouts at home.” A lot of people for a lot of reasons have made it seem more technical and complicated than it really is.

At the end of the day, SEO is an easy idea. It is a formula that companies like Google use to judge how relevant the content on your website is to what a person is searching for. And that formula is designed to be as close to logical as possible. So, your fitness company can include all the “gyms near you” “gyms in *** city” you want (among some of the other things SEO guides tell you) but Google will find out if there is a discrepancy in the content you promise with your use of keywords and what you actually offer, and it will punish you (*enter Liam Neeson meme*).

There is only so much you can do about the relevance of your content though. You must remember that in the marketplace of the internet, competition is fiercer than usual and there’s hundreds, if not thousands or more, of fitness companies writing about the same topic as you. This is when the other aspects of SEO mechanism come into play, chiefly, referral traffic. What kind of websites are directing traffic to your site? Is the content you have considered by your peers to be authoritative about anything?

Similarly, if there are people specifically searching for your brand name, your SEO scores go up. This is where your social media presence can be the difference maker. Leave the million other benefits of social media to the side for the minute (literally, look to the side of this blogpost to read our other posts on why social media is so great for businesses) and think only in terms of how it affects your SEO scores.

The idea of any marketing effort is to translate online/media chatter into offline conversations. Social media works the same way. By creating an engaging, interesting presence on social media, people’s awareness to your brand can be improved. This makes them more likely to look up your business on search engines overall.

That may sound like wishful thinking – and it kind of is – but you must not underestimate the power of social media at leaving prints on people’s minds. Think about Wendy’s and their Twitter team’s propensity to become viral every few weeks. Think, to a certain extent, about the effect of social media on the 2016 elections. There was no hypnosis machine that turned people’s political opinions. There was only social media and its ability to shape conversations and leave lasting imprints. Unethical practices in that instance aside, you cannot deny that social media is a powerful tool. And it can shape people’s thoughts and societal conversation topics in a manner nothing else before it. So, it is not really wishful thinking to say that social presence will lead to greater search volumes.

And if you’re still not convinced that social media presence can be leveraged into SEO points like that, think about something more active and purposeful. You probably have seen social media campaigns that direct you to the company’s website through the promise of content, prizes, gifts, coupons, or in some aggravating cases, through clickbaits. As much as you may hate clickbaits, you cannot deny that they effectively make you go to their website. The bait’s overtness and candidness may make you hate the service, but you contribute to the website’s referral traffic the moment you click on it. I hate clickbaits as much as the next guy, though, and do not recommend them at all. But as you can see, they were only one of the many ways to convert social media campaigns into referral traffic. Do everything but clickbaits.

No matter what you do, the idea is simple. Build your social media so well that people are interested in you enough to search for you, or make them love and trust you so much they will click on the website links you post. And that is how you leverage social media presence into SEO points.

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