Oleso Social Media Tool
Oleso Social Media Tool
Oleso Social Media Tool

Oleso Features

Find out how ‘all-in-one’ Oleso really is with our extensive feature list

Oleso Social Media Tool
Oleso Social Media Tool
Oleso Social Media Tool

Our Current Features

Media Library

Team and clients can upload media and content directly. Organise and pull content into posts without downloading.

Team Collaboration

Assign roles and invite team members to schedule, approve and moderate content alongside you.

Post Approval

Create posts and your client will be notified to approve. Once complete, they schedule at the set time.

Automatic Notifications

Users are notified on Oleso and email when updates have been made. Single brand and all brand notification views.

Hashtag Library

A library for you to store hashtags in groups for you to pull from when creating posts.

Strategy Area

Keep notes about your social media campaign, create content categories and use the planner to store ideas.

Post Schedule Slots

Set schedule slots so that you can easily add posts at pre-defined times to your scheduler.


Each brand has its own single-view dashboard showing goals, notifications, team and upcoming posts calendar.

Content Metrics

Check out top categories and other metrics about the content being focused on for selected brands.

Goal Setting

Set goals, due dates and mark them as complete when achieved. See overall goal progress using the progress bar.


A Trello-like kanban notes area for you to jot ideas down between you and your client.

Post Scheduler

Create/draft posts in your calendar with the option to pull images and hashtags from your libraries, send them for client review, check post status in

Content Categories

Add and edit content and post categories to use when forming your posts and uploading media.

Post Creation Tools

Add images from your files or media library, assign a post label, add hashtags from your library

Brand Customization

Add a brand logo and description found at the top of the brand dashboard for all to see.

Brand Manager

View and switch between your brands in one place. See social media accounts and team members associated with each.

Image Cropping

Crop and edit your uploaded images directly on the app to better suit the social media platform you’re posting to.

Features On Their Way!

Oleso Social Media Tool

Strategy Snapshot

See your strategy highlights in a clear view with your goal progress, hashtag libraries and content category data.

Performance Analysis

Performance reports from social with no manual work required. Custom date ranges and easy export for clients.

Instant Messaging

Instantly communicate with your team and clients for each brand. Refer to posts by linking them in the chat.

Custom Preferences

Set your notification preferences, theme colour and display to better suit your needs.


Add emojis to your posts using the selector, search or by using keyboard shortcuts.

Hashtag Suggestions

A drop-down list of hashtag suggestions based on the hashtag you’re typing during post creation.

Upcoming Features

Client Billing

Charge your clients and see everything regarding billing on the app to monitor payments easily.

Canva Integration

Create and add Canva designs to your media library without leaving the app.

Competitor Analysis

Analyse where you sit in comparison to your competitors on social media and use the stats to your advantage.

Link Shortening

Shorten links to include in your posts. Pull regularly used links into your post using keyboard shortcuts.

Many More…

We’re keeping tight-lipped, but we have some very exciting plans. Join our community to be in the know!