Engaging with your community

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What is it?

In short: building relationships with those who are associated with your accounts, to increase trust, loyalty and social media growth for your brand.

Engagement involves your social media manager replying to comments on your own posts, talking to people who follow your account, talking to people who the account follow, and sifting through your account news feeds and replying to people there.

Why it’s effective

Engaging with other people with genuine interest and a real personality helps to humanise your brand. Not only that, but talking to others shows excellent customer service, represent trust for your brand and, in turn, increases loyalty.

Why it will make a difference having it on your plan

Without your social media manager regularly engaging with people, your brand will appear ‘humanless’ and your target audience won’t find much value from your social media. Also, it will save you masses amount of time spent replying to comments/posts. It is ‘social’ media after all! Talking to others is far more important than the content!

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