Oleso is a social media service tailored specifically to suit small business expectations and needs. Our mission is to provide the best social media services in the industry, producing real results, at the lowest prices. The world of small business hasn’t fully adopted social media, but Oleso aims to make this transition easier, whilst striving to ensure a “hassle-free” experience for all of our customers.

Max Louis Creative gave birth to Oleso in 2018 but the story started in June 2017. MLC is a creatve network of over 120 designers, artists, developers and visionaries all working together and collaborating on client’s projects. Projects range from small one page websites, to large scale VR experiences and simulations.

What do we do differently?

Abolish lengthy contracts that lock you in.

Keep it simple and focus on what you really need.

Provide a rich variety of culturally similar managers.

Make great relationships with customers our top priority.

What to look at next?


We are always interested in bringing new, experienced and amazing people on board to join us on our journey. If you believe that you can offer fantastic value and can greatly help Oleso with getting closer to ruling the world, then get in touch!

Join the team

Finding quality managers can sometimes be a challenge. Finding those who share the same values as us, with the ambition to join a team that can change the whole social media game, is even harder. Make our search easier and apply now!