The Oliver’s Madhouse

The Oliver's Madhouse is a mum blogging brand focused around the lifestyle of mums.
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I was running out of hours in the day and needed help. When I discovered Oleso I was sceptical that a company could help me keep my social channel personal and I am pleased to report I was wrong. The first couple of weeks were a learning curve, me learning to let go and them discovering how I liked things but in less than a month I can report I was officially letting go of a channel that before then had taken up days of my time and hours of stress. The customer service has been second to none and I can’t imagine now having them on hand to not only grow my channel but to also maintain it too
5 Star Client Review
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The Platforms

The Project

The Oliver’s Madhouse is a family and parenting blog with an Instagram account for both the blog and personal life named “jaimeoliveruk”. After 6 months of working with Jamie, the account grew by almost 5000 followers!
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