Cancellation Policy

We believe in a no lock-in contract of services. This means we don’t force you to lock in a monthly rolling cost of working with Oleso. We don’t want to make this a huge commitment for you and want to keep it as simple as possible.

Short answer: 10-day cancellation policy.

(Long answer) Here are the steps to cancel:

  1. Request to cancel via your assigned Team Leader using any mode of communication. If your Team Leader has not cancelled before the last 10 days of your month, but your initial request was before the last 10 days, you will not be affected and will be entitled to cancellation.
  2. Your Team Leader will check to see if you are not due a new month start within the next 10 days. If you decide to cancel 10 days or less before the end of your month, and your manager has scheduled posts for you, we retain the right to continue the next month’s term and cancel from there on. This is to ensure that any scheduled posts we have done don’t go to waste. If we haven’t scheduled any posts nor created any content in advance of the next month, we may allow the cancellation to take effect before the next month.
  3. Once cancelled your Direct Debit will cancel and you will be notified in writing that you have successfully cancelled. Any open invoices for the next month will also be void of payment due.