Become an Oleso Social Media Manager

Work the hours you want and have ongoing reliable work that fits around your lifestyle

We respond to everyone!

Become an Oleso Social Media Manager

Work the hours you want and have ongoing reliable work that fits around your lifestyle

We respond to everyone!

Who is Oleso?

These pictures are definitely not from Unsplash.

Who benefits from joining Oleso?

Varied Experience

Have a passion for social? Whether you have 2 or 15 years experience, there’s something here for you!

Busy Lifestyle?

Working? Children? Want a reliable side income? Can’t find work? We’re perfect for your freelance lifestyle.

A Passion to Impress

Team Oleso thrives when social media managers put their heart and souls into their social media for clients.

How It Works

You do the social media, we do the admin. Finding clients, supporting you throughout and dealing with payments are just some things that we do.

As long as your efforts go above and beyond, client communication is top notch and you care about clients being happy, then this is perfect for you!

Personal Team Leader Support

For every client, you’ll have your team leader sidekick. They’re here to support you and run Oleso-related processes.

You can focus on what you love most without worrying about setting up, payment or policies!

Flexible hours, solid payment.

1 hrs
Per week, per client

On average, our social media managers work 4 hrs per week for each of their clients.. You can have as many clients as you like.

£15- 1
Per hour, per client

Including full support from your team leader, documentation, processes and payment policies. You just do the social media!

Benefits of Joining our Remote Oleso Team

Have a Team Leader to support you and your clients. You spend time doing what you love most, without worrying about chasing clients and making sales.

Meet like-minded people in the same industry and increase your connections. An occasional few drinks over Zoom is one of our favourite things to do!

Have a reliable payment on a month-to-month basis from home. We’ll organise cover for when you’re on holiday.

Work the hours you like. We’re super flexible and if a client comes in that we think is a perfect match for you, we’ll set it all up!

Grow your portfolio, expand your knowledge and feel part of something, all from home. Add some more awesome case studies to your back!

Be provided with long-term work. Clients get excited about our expansive case studies and appealing way of working. It’s a tough competition out there!

Rewards for Amazing Managers

We have a reward scheme where we choose a social media team member of the month to be awarded a gifts for their hard work and achievements!

To track how you’re doing, we have a leaderboard and scoring system.

Essential Requirements

Fluent in English & from the UK, US or Canada (preferably)

At least 1-2 years experience in social media management 

Reputable case studies showing success with growing social media channels

Have a realm of approaches &  proven success with implementing them 

Solid understanding of how to use design and scheduling software

Fantastic organisation skills & initiative, with the ability to prioritise & work across multiple projects

Creative skills for contributing new and innovative ideas both with clients and your social media team

Excellent customer service skills, with a constant passion to impress clients

Some Lovely Words From Our Social Media Team 

Businesses that Love Working with our Social Media Team

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See a perfect fit between you and Oleso? We’d love to make it happen! We respond to everyone that applies!