Adding social media manager to Facebook page

Step by Step: Adding your social media manager from an agency to your Facebook page

It’s a little bit technical adding a social media manager who is part of an agency to your Facebook page, so we’ve made a nice and easy step-by-step for you to follow. 

Why have access in this way?

Your social media manager can post as your page, see analytics, update your profile if agreed between you, post as your page in comments/Facebook groups or the like. All while you can still have access to your very important page too. Here is a quick round-up of what the different roles mean.

Also, the beauty of having this set up is that if anything bad were to happen regarding your social media manager (argh!), the agency can revoke access immediately, which would be a lot more difficult if you were to be working with a social media manager directly.

This process also saves the sharing of passwords, in case you are worried about that.

Step 1 – Requesting access to Facebook page

The social media agency needs to head to their business page. Make sure that you’re on the right company page on the top right in the drop-down list. Hit “Pages” on the top left. Click the blue “Add” button, click “Request access to a page”. Then, type in the page name of the Facebook page that you’re trying to manage.

Add a page on Facebook

Step 2 – Accepting access to Facebook page

The Facebook page owner looking to have their page managed needs to head to their Facebook business page. Click “Requests” on the far left bar (near the bottom). Click “Received” and follow the process. Make sure to allow complete admin access if you want the social media manager to post in Facebook groups (if necessary). This will be in your Facebook page settings if it happens to be a problem.

Alternatively, if this doesn’t work, head to your normal Facebook page, go to Settings – Page Roles – Agencies and the request should be there.

Received access request Facebook page

Step 3 – Agency adds the social media manager

The social media agency clicks “Users” > “People” on the top left. Enter the email address of the social media manager and give them employee access. After this, click the page you’d like them to be managing and make sure to tick everything in the list on the right, including “Manage page”, if the page owner is ok with this. Next, click invite and if the option to invite them by email comes up, this way is easier.

Add people to Facebook page

Employee access Facebook page

Admin role Facebook page access

Step 4 – Accepting the invite

The social media manager accepts the invite and can access the page. Voila! I believe that you can then change the role of the social media manager in your actual Facebook page settings (Settings > Page Roles). If you’d prefer them to be an editor, like I am for the Oleso Facebook page, then change it.

Facebook page roles

There we are – that’s how to add your social media manager to your Facebook page pretty simply! If you have any questions about it, or if I’ve missed something important, please let me know in the comments!

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